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'''The Jazz Mandolin Project''' is led by mandolinist Jamie Masefield with a rotating cast of other musicians. Although not really a “jazz” band they are influenced by a variety of styles. Formed in 1993, the Burlington Vermont-based, improvisational ensemble’s self-titled first album was released which included Gabe Jarrett on drums and Stacey Starkweather on bass in 1996 . For their next album Masefield then assembled a new lineup featuring drummer Jon Fishman (best known for his work in jam band icon Phish ) and upright bassist Chris Dahlgren, recording the LP Tour de Flux; In 1999 Blue Note Records released their 3rd album, Xenoblast. In 2003 they released a heavily groove, drum and bass influenced album called Jungle Tango which included such players as Ari Hoenig and Danton Boller and in 2005 Masefield returned to a more acoustic sound with The Deep Forbidden Lake which features 10 of his favorite cover tunes by artists such as Radiohead, Tom...
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GenreJam Band, Experimental music|Experimental Jazz, Jazz fusion|Jazz Fusion
Years active1993–present
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